To ensure that your precious belongings are kept as safe as possible during the moving process, we have provided you with some handy tips that you yourself can do.

Lets get started!


First rule - always label your boxes from the room that you packed it from.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find where you put things, and then panicking because you think you may have left something behind. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL AND THEN LABEL SOME MORE!

Second rule - WEIGHT!

When packing things into boxes, it is important to get a good balance of weight, size and content. Putting too many books or heavy items into one box can make it hard to lift the box around, increase the chances of damage occurring to the box upon lifting and may damage other boxes if stacked on top. Conversely, putting too many light and fragile things into one box can make the box too weak to support boxes above it and thus may give out under weight, damaging the goods inside. Try to balance the weight of each box by mixing items.

Third rule - Fragile Items

We specialise in moving delicate items but not enough emphasise can go into stressing how important it is to take extra care packing these items to ensure they arrive in the same condition they left your home, we recommend you pack all these delicate items together and label the outside of the box in fragile tape which can be purchased from us or written in bold on all sides, pack these items last so they are on top of every thing else. Strong Movers can pack all your goods as part of our premium service. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

Clearing Pathways

When most people move things they will normally go straight into moving the object before checking where they need to go. Objects like paintings, hallway tables and other small objects can go undetected until the moment where something or someone has backed into it. Strong Movers will always check and clear any pathways for you before moving your goods.

Finally, Go the extra mile. When it comes to your delicate goods. If something is valuable to you, make sure you give it some extra attention by wrapping it in bubble wrap or some other protective packaging.